Piquant and juicy Shimla Mirch Parkhe – Charred Stuffed Peppers


This March weather with its broad streaks of sunshine but nippy winds are making me instictively want lighter, brighter flavours but also a touch of comfort. These fit the bill perfectly and are a firm favouite. They are also a great example of how not every Indian dish is smothered in sauce…

Whole juicy peppers, sometimes in a gem-like array of colours, are gently blistered on the outside to give a smoky char and filled with a piquant, silky mash that is just bursting with the flavours of ground pomegranate, cumin, chilli, ginger and coriander. The tartness of the filling contrasts perfectly with the blushing sweetness of the peppers… Continue reading

What does Mummyji mean?

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Mummyji is the hybrid term we used as kids growing up in Britain when addressing our mothers. ‘Mummy’ was English, but then we stuck ‘ji’ on the end as our one-size-fits-all suffix to denote respect.

Not to be confused with Ali G.

For this is a book all about the food from our mother’s hands as Asians living in Britain; the spoonfuls fed to me as a child, enchantingly spiced by lands and generations that were not my own. It is about being fed love, heritage and nourishment and being a bastion of the tradition, wisdom and skill of previous generations, to preserve and pass on with great care.