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Aaaaand we have liftoff!

After nearly a decade of popular demand, public campaiging and my persevering to get it republished and back out there, since it fell out of print, the day has finally arrived! Cooking Like Mummyji is now available again to buy in all good UK bookstores and on Amazon! International sales coming soon, but it is already available for pre-order in the United States!

Now back in a fully revised, stunningly redesigned edition with newly commissioned photography, this exciting new edition of the critically acclaimed and much-loved award-winning global bestseller is dedicated to what has become known as the CLM Family: all the incredibly loyal supporters of Cooking Like Mummyji round the globe since it was first published in 2003 and have urged for it to be republished, you are the beating pulse of the book’s journey.

Thank you, deeply and sincerely, for taking the time out over the years to write to me, from all over the world, crossing geographic, age, gender and ethnic boundaries. It shows the amazing role that food plays in our lives. No matter who we are or where we are, it brings people together, gives us comfort, makes us feel at home.

Reading your words has meant everything to me, and kept me going all those years. You have so warmly adopted this book into your kitchens, lives and hearts, so I feel this is now YOUR book.

Thank you x


What is Cooking Like Mummyji?

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I was drying up the dishes in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. It was a particularly blustery and sodden Saturday in April 2002, the kind of grey day when all you want to do is shut out the dreariness and dozily curl up in the warmth of the living room… Continue reading

What does Mummyji mean?

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Mummyji is the hybrid term we used as kids growing up in Britain when addressing our mothers. ‘Mummy’ was English, but then we stuck ‘ji’ on the end as our one-size-fits-all suffix to denote respect.

Not to be confused with Ali G.

For this is a book all about the food from our mother’s hands as Asians living in Britain; the spoonfuls fed to me as a child, enchantingly spiced by lands and generations that were not my own. It is about being fed love, heritage and nourishment and being a bastion of the tradition, wisdom and skill of previous generations, to preserve and pass on with great care.

Food for all: Langar


Although I am not formally religious, I was born into a Sikh Punjabi family and grew up with the traditions and customs. I hugely admire Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, for his admirable vision of bringing people together and uniting them through their similarities, rather than focusing upon differences, separation, superiority or control.

One of the most beautiful ways this is expressed is through the concept of Langar… Continue reading

A Few General Weights & Measures


We don’t use scales in our cooking; traditionally, ingredients are measured by eye but that does take a lot of practise. One of the simplest ways to measure ingredients, until you’re able to visualise quantities, is in spoons or cup measures Continue reading